BAGFW in Brussels

BAGFW's European office serves to represent the interests of the BAGFW vis-à-vis the European Union (EU). Part of this is the providing of information to and lobbying with regard to the EU institutions as well as the early information of BAGFW and its member organisations on European topics touching on welfare and social work. The latter has also the aim to contribute towards an improved transparency of EU decisions. Other tasks are the explanation of the role and responsibilities of voluntary charitable associations in the Member States and within the EU and to position them at the European level.

Main tasks:

  • safeguarding the common interests of all major German welfare associations by influencing national and EU legislative processes (lobbying function)
  • information and evaluation of those parts in EU legislation that concern voluntary welfare work
  • processing and co-ordinating the various social policy actions with regard to the related EU support schemes and finding funds to help develop relevant associative structures in Europe
  • supporting the BAGFW's membership in the Economic and Social Committee
  • supporting and co-ordinating the co-operation with charitable associations in other ETWelfare members countries
  • co-ordinating the associations' actions with a European dimension; support, preparation and follow-up