BAGFW in Brussels

The role of the BAGFW is to represent the top six german social welfare organisations collectively - at both national and European level. The BAGFW's EU office has been active in the heart of Brussels since 1989. Since then, its main task has been to coordinate the activities of the European Committee, to which the EU representatives of the organisations belong. Among other things, the EU office informs the organisations about new developments in EU legislation and represents the interests of welfare organisations through position papers, contributions to EU consultations and expert political discussions with relevant EU decision-makers. The focus lies on EU funding policy, EU state aid and public procurement law, social entrepreneurship and all socio-political developments in EU policy. The EU office also supports the BAGFW memberships in the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the Group of Experts on the Social Economy (GECES) of the European Commission. The EU office is currently staffed by the head of the office and a policy officer. The activities and joint positions are reported here.


Association of German Social Welfare Organisations (BAGFW)
Rue de Pascale 4
B-1040 Bruxelles
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